The Summit provides a unique atmosphere for participants to build long-lasting connections that lead to business collaboration, peer-to-peer learning and friendship. The experience will be carefully designed in partnership with Fellows to enable you to take your skills, ideas and impact to the next level.

There are many great reasons for companies to support their employees’ attendance. Make your case to attend the Summit →

A message from Aspen Institute President & CEO Dan Porterfield

The Summit was very helpful in shifting my perspective toward a bolder approach in leadership. I learned new leadership models and tested out new communication styles.
— Tamara "TJ" DiCaprio, Microsoft, First Mover Fellow since 2015


1. People

In 10 years, we have built an amazing network! This is an incredible community of professionals interested in the intersection of business and impact. This 10th Anniversary Summit is an opportunity to come together and to connect with invited experts from fields like leadership, corporate responsibility, and innovation. Check out the First Movers network →


The Summit agenda will be filled with content that allows participants to learn from their peers and invited experts on a range of topics. Attendees will engage in meaningful dialogue to inspire and envision greater impact. There will also be plenty of time for reflection, rejuvenation, and unstructured “open space” sessions for participants to learn and connect informally.

3. Reflection

Return to the unique experiences of your Fellowship year with time to reflect and harness your values and purpose. The Summit is an opportunity to step back from your day-to-day in a retreat-like setting for deliberate reflective practice, thought provoking insights and open space for new ideas to emerge.


During the Summit you will have an opportunity to "return to the campfire.” Each class will reimagine the campfire of your first seminar with the numerous indoor and outdoor fireplaces available at Asilomar. Beyond that one session, all four days are a chance to reconnect with old friends and strengthen bonds.

Featuring Luke Sinclair (2018, Group X), Matt Ellis (2012, Pioneer Species), Ash Hegland (2014, The Grasshoppers), Paloma Lopez (2016, The Rhizome) and Jeremy Neuner (2010, The Stand).

5. Location

The First Movers are hitting the West Coast! For the first time, we are bringing a Fellowship convening to California and the picturesque Monterey Peninsula. We’ll have the opportunity for optional programming in San Francisco the first day and ample time to explore the beach and 100+ acres of the conference grounds. Explore Asilomar →

Fellows in cold climates look forward to their time in beautiful California, featuring Rahul Raj (2011, Rigambamboo), Karin Reiter (2013, The Populus), and Dave Gallon (2013, The Populus).

Crocker Hall Exterior 2.JPG